Umag - Istria - Croatia

Umag-Umago, a small town and port on the north-western coast of Istria, is "Croatia's door to Europe."

Umag comprises 23 settlements, namely: Babići - Babici, Bašanija - Bassania, Crveni Vrh - Monte Rosso, Čepljani - Cipiani, Đuba - Giubba, Finida - Finida, Juricani - Giurizzani, Katoro - Catoro, Kmeti - Metti, Križine - Crisine, Lovrečica - San Lorenzo, Materada - Matterada, Monterol - Monterol, Murine - Morno, Petrovija - Petrovia, Savudrija - Salvore, Seget - Seghetto, Sveta Marija na Krasu / partly/ - Madonna del Carso, Umag - Umago, Valica - Valizza , Vardica - Vardiza, Vilanija - Villania and Zambratija - Zambrattia. According to the 2011 census, the city of Umag with its surrounding settlements had 13,467 inhabitants, and today it has only slightly more inhabitants. This is a good reason to develop and build new properties to settle new residents in this area that is very sparsely populated.

Today, Umag-Umago is a city of tourism and sports. It is especially known as the sports centre of Istria, considering that for years, as the host of the ATP tournament, it has hosted many world tennis stars. Umag is a distinct tourist place. Its natural beauties and geographical location were crucial for the development of tourism. The development of tourism is directly related to the development of agriculture. The fertile soil is especially suitable for growing olives and vines, traditional cultures characteristic of the Mediterranean climate. With the cultivation of vines and vineyards, winemaking has also been increasingly developed. The wines of Istria, whose producers are included in the wine road of this region, are widely known and appreciated. Agritourism, although an emerging industry, is attracting more and more tourists looking for unusual and out of the ordinary sights and locations. Real properties are closely related to this activity, e.g. villas for rent, holiday homes and reconstructed old stone houses converted into beautiful holiday villas.

Given all the above, Umag has become a very attractive location for investing in real estate. In the area of the town of Umag, the real estate in demand in recent years have been apartments, apartments near the sea, residential houses, holiday homes, rental houses and hotels. In the immediate vicinity, only a few kilometres from the sea, the demand in real estate is focused on holiday homes surrounded by greenery, on the slopes of hills overlooking the sea. Old stone houses converted into villas for rent with additional facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, olive groves and the like are highly sought-after properties. All of this enables the development of agriculture, viticulture and winemaking, which in turn synergistically develops catering and tourism focused on the very concrete development of the micro-region as a destination in which a large number of people invest in real estate like holiday homes, apartments, villas for rent and catering facilities - a good investment opportunity.