Buje - Grožnjan - Momjan

Istria - Buje - Grožnjan - Momjan

Buje is located in north-western Istria, 13 km from Umag and the sea. The whole area of the town of Buje including its surroundings is 103 square kilometres. Buje is located on several hills; the Buje Hill (222 m), which is also the highest point of Buje, and two smaller hills (180m-190m). It is built as a typical Istrian town on the hill and follows the natural configuration of the site. The territory of Buje stretches from the Mirna river to the Dragonja river, which also marks the border with the Republic of Slovenia. It is a rolling and hilly area covered with vineyards, olive groves and arable land dotted with oak, cherry and pine forests, a karst belt full of interesting geological phenomena and meadows of Mediterranean vegetation, among which thyme and spruce predominate. Together with Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla, Grožnjan and Oprtalj as well as numerous other places and settlements, Buje makes up the Buje region. It is divided into several neighbourhoods connected by either side roads or main roads, namely: Sv. Sebastijan, Brolo, Stari grad, Novi grad and Rudine, Školski brijeg, Monte Bašter and Stanica. The town of Buje has about 3,000 inhabitants. A significant branch of the economy is agriculture, especially vineyards and olive groves.

Grožnjan is today known as the "City of Artists". It has about twenty galleries and art studios, a summer international film school has also been launched, and it has become the International Cultural Centre of Croatian Music Youth. The jazz festival "Jazz is Back-BP", launched by the Croatian jazz musician Boško Petrović, lasts two to three weeks and begins in mid-July. At the end of September, the Ex tempore festival takes place in Grožnjan, which brings together more than 300 artists from all over Europe who on Sunday turn Grožnjan into one big gallery with their works. Grožnjan encompasses 11 settlements (as of 2006), namely: Antonci - Antonzi, Bijele Zemlje - Terre Bianche, Grožnjan - Grisignana, Kostanjica - Castagna, Kuberton - Cuberton, Makovci - Macovzi, Martinčići - Martincici, Šterna - Sterna, Vrnjak - Vergnacco and Završje - Piedmont.

Momjan is an Istrian town with a rich history as well as a diverse tourist and gastronomic offer. The place itself has a beautiful view of the sea, the Piran Bay and the vineyards on the hills. A beautiful place at 270 meters above sea level, located only 18 kilometres from the Umag and Novigrad Riviera, with a rich history and beautiful nature, and the soil extremely suitable for growing vines, olives and fruit trees.

The aforementioned Buje region and the surrounding places Grožnjan, Momjan, Oprtalj, Plovanija, Kaštel and other smaller settlements have become very attractive areas for real estate investment. In this area, real estate that has been in high demand in recent years are especially residential houses, holiday homes, rental houses and rural properties that combine housing and agricultural production, or catering and tourism. Real estate such as holiday homes surrounded by greenery, on the slopes of hills overlooking the sea, old stone houses converted into villas for rent with additional facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, olive groves and the like, are highly sought-after properties. All of this additionally enables the development of agriculture, viticulture and winemaking, which in turn synergistically develops catering and tourism aimed at a very concrete development of the micro-region as a destination. Investing in real estate such as holiday homes, apartments, villas for rent and catering facilities in the area is a good investment opportunity for investors both from the immediate and wider environment.